Visral® SQXL   Statistical, Scientific, and Business Solutions / Development and Publishing Studio
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Visral offers a bridge between open source scientific software and the customers that use it; providing the interactive windows environment they expect, coupled with the support they demand.

With its many hundreds of modules from statistics and graphic displays to HADOOP to SSL, Python as a general purpose dynamic scripting language is unbeatable. However, that very thing that makes it so desirable is being lost every time it is absorbed into another application; the ability to use its limitless scripting capacity in any fashion the user wishes.

Of course command line interfaces and scripting aren't without their own problems. Now what file was that? How did I set those options? I don't remember exactly the lines I need to type. There are good reasons why DOS was superseded by windows.

Visral Studio offers an answer to this by means of a simple and natural development interface that within minutes turns those commands and scripts into a custom windows solution. Intuitive enough for the non-programmer to use, powerful enough for the professional to rapidly create and share innovative technologies with a broad audience.